Why Your Cybersecurity Conference Needs Leadership Sessions

Risk is always growing across the threat landscape.

It’s more and more dangerous all the time.

Breaches and other security incidents make up the front page headlines and are becoming the battlefield where organizations and criminals, as well as countries and terrorists engage.

There is a desire to face this ever growing problem by bringing the most brilliant experts together and have them speak to as many security minded individuals as possible. Equipping the audience with technical information about the latest and scariest threats as well as the latest technical breakthroughs of the most interesting tools.

This is a good thing.

But there is also a missing thing.

Let’s start with the good thing.

It is a good thing that the ‘good guys’ are getting together and warning other ‘good guys’ about the ‘bad guys’ exploits. 

Cybersecurity-focused leaders sharing a cybersecurity-focused message with a cybersecurity-focused audience, sharing how the exploits of the ‘bad guys’ are working, how to detect them, and how to protect against them all from a cybersecurity-focused perspective.
It is an exciting opportunity for technologists to hear from brilliant tech-minded speakers and special appearances by the FBI or the CIA about the latest ultra technical emerging threats. But, often, cybersecurity conferences are so concentrated on filling their agenda with technology expertise that they forget that ALL of their attendees are going to leave with a major problem….loads of information with very little insight on how to share it effectively.

The Missing Thing From Every Cybersecurity Conference Agenda

I love cybersecurity events! Which is exactly why I want to help them fill in the missing piece that many of them haven’t realized yet that they need.
What’s missing at nearly every cybersecurity conference is training the audience how to take all of the technical information and bring it to life in their organization, across multiple teams, including those who aren’t as technical.

A mainstage session dedicated to helping your cyber-focused audience build their leadership skills and implement all the new lessons they’ve learned at your event will make your conference stronger than any other!

Now you may be thinking that your conference already has thought leadership, because your presenters use the phrase, “Security needs to be a part of your culture.”

But there’s a big difference between using a common catch phrase and taking the time to explain what a good security culture looks like or how to get there.

And that’s the big missing part!

The audience needs to be taught what a security culture is and learn how to implement strategies across multiple teams within their organization in order to build that culture.

It is vital to provide a keynote message that equips your audience to know how to communicate better across multiple teams, lead projects to change company behavior, and become a champion for security transformation within their organization.

Every member of your audience needs to be taught how to take all of the technical info they are learning at your conference and transform it into an understandable message with practical application.

It is this missing piece that will make all the difference in the world in taking your cybersecurity conference from being a gathering place where people get a lot of good information to being a conference where people actually grow and learn to become leaders!

There is no growth without implementation.

There is no implementation without being shown how.

And the person to teach them must also be encouraging so your audience leaves charged up enough to share it with others.

Providing a thought leadership message for your attendees that equips them and encourages them rather than just expanding their knowledge on the topic of cybersecurity, will standout as an unforgettable thought leadership experience.

Balance your conference to focus on technology AND people, information AND engagement.

Nathan is a keynote speaker on the importance of leading with kindness.
He speaks for many different business sectors from theme parks and customer service to technology and cybersecurity. His message challenges leaders to evaluate their abilities to grow those around them and shares the secret to substantial leap forward in growing others is to build a culture of kindness.

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