Empowering Kindness:
Why Unlocking The Power In Others Will Be Your Greatest Success

Kindness is the path leaders take to genuine victories.
It’s a much sweeter ‘win’ when we have people to celebrate with rather than crossing the finish line with countless burned bridges behind us.
Through studies and stories, learn how we are actually designed to be kind and uncover practical methods to implement and build a culture of kindness in your organization!

“Empowering Kindness” is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

-Reader Review

Meeting the Author.

The book is inspirational, & not just business or company heads. It is motivational to form habits of kindness.

-Reader Review

Caldwell uses his unique effervescent and infectious outlook on life and spreading love and kindness to redefine what the real purpose, vision and culture of an organization can be.

– Reader Review
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