Inspirational Keynote Messages

Nathan brings enthusiasm and high energy to everything he does.
He is a creative dynamo!

Ted Hulsy, CEO Ironpath

A glimpse into Nathan’s visit with the leaders of Dollywood.

He oozes the right kind of culture and is able to bring others along with him on that journey!

Arlin Sorensen, VP Ecosystem Evangelism ConnectWise

“He’s like a booster shot for our culture!
We’re thankful Nathan came to pump us up!”

Amy Houk
HR Training Specialist

“I loved how he talked about leaders embracing kindness and how we can implement it throughout our teams. It really hit home with me.”

Linda Woodward
HR Trainer

“Hearing Nathan speak was such a refreshing pep rally and start to our season.”

Chelsea Miller
Communications Coordinator

Nathan Caldwell On-Stage

Kindness Will Take Your Teams From Surviving To Thriving!
How Sharing Success Will Help You Win More!
Culture Is Teaching Your People How To Treat Others.
Medical Study: Bad Leaders Cause Heart Disease!


Everybody’s Super Power.
How kindness can save lives and your company’s culture.

Nathan unveils the responsibility of leaders to foster a culture of kindness in their organization. Leaders who define and hold their people accountable to a culture of kindness drive positive physical, mental and organizational health.
Leaders can create a culture where their employees share more, are more creative in their solutions, more productive, have healthier relationships, and better health.
When employees are performing at their optimal level with greater joy and less stress organizations can thrive.
Through studies and stories the power of kindness is revealed and how, when given the right environment to thrive, can be every employee’s superpower.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit.
How ideas can go on a “people journey” and become reality.

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, employee engagement should be your number one concern. Gallup reported in 2018 that 66% of employees are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged.”
What can you do to create a culture of engagement?
Nathan delivers a framework to build balance in your teams, capture employee ideas, innovation and transform them into practical solutions resulting in growth for your business and higher engagement for your employees.

There’s no work/life balance. It’s all life and you only have one.
How to find joy in all you do.

Some days you are at the top of your game.
Some days you’re at the very bottom of your game.
Multiply this reality by the number of people in your company and you’ve uncovered a big challenge.
Nathan shares tangible behaviors you can implement within your company to help your employees find joy in all they do resulting in boosted organizational health and productivity that will be good for your business, and great for your employees.

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