Do You Look For A Sign?

When Faced With Opportunities Or Challenges, How Do You Decide What To Do?

Do you look for a sign???

When faced with a big challenge or opportunity and you aren’t sure which direction to go, do you look for a sign?

If someone taps you on the shoulder and asks if you can step forward and take on a responsibility, do you look for a sign?

Do you look for signs from the universe to help you decide if you should do it or which direction you should take?

A couple of moments come to mind for me, the first is very personal and was very scary,

My wife and I had two kids with a third on the way and I was told that I’d no longer be needed at my job.
I had a few opportunities lined up that were all drastically different from one another and I did NOT know AT ALL what to do!
I remember praying and praying that God would make it as clear to me as getting hit on the head with a shovel! (I don’t know why I picked a shovel, perhaps because there’s no mistaking it for anything else and I wanted to be SURE!)
But a wonderful colleague of mine told me, “Most often, that’s not how it happens.”
It was a powerful reminder that many times we have to step forward with some faith and some guts.

A much less serious situation presented itself a couple of weeks ago.
At the last minute I was asked to emcee the Sales Kick Off event for Arctic Wolf 🐺.
I gladly accepted the challenge.

But then, just moments before the event was set to begin, some signs started rolling in that heavily pointed toward maybe I shouldn’t have said yes!

Signs Pointing Towards, “No!”

1. Not one but TWO hotel irons not working when I desperately needed to iron my shirt.

Getting ready to Emcee and my hotel couldn’t find an iron that worked!

2. The entire hotel running out of shampoo.

Getting ready to emcee and the hotel was OUT OF SHAMPOO!

3. Nervousness about getting out in front of nearly 700 colleagues and executive team without preparation time.

These things made me wonder if they were signs that I shouldn’t have said yes to being the emcee.

Thankfully, the third iron helped with my shirt.

Thankfully, the bar of soap did fine as a fill in for shampoo.

But then there was the nervousness.
I don’t know why, but I had a realization…

Instead of looking for or thinking about the signs that were pointing me toward why I shouldn’t be doing this, I made up my mind to lean in hard to the big, big, HUGE sign that someone had asked me to do it!

As a result, I had an absolute blast emceeing the most amazing Sales Kickoff Events.

I received such warm feedback from the events team, the av team, and so many members of the audience.

And now my philosophy on looking for signs has grown.

1. Signs seldom hit you on the head like a shovel.

Do research.
Weigh the pros and cons.
Seek sound advice.
Make the decision with faith and some guts.

2. Sometimes the biggest sign is the first one, You. Were. Asked.

Sometimes you shouldn’t let silly things like having to go through 3 irons, lack of shampoo, or even no time for preparation get in the way of saying yes to an unforgettable experience!

Having a blast Emceeing a Fantastic Sales Kickoff Event!

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