How Much Does It Cost To Be Kind? Is There A Coupon For That?

This is James Neal.
He kept a coupon by the register to give people $5 off.

It was 7:45AM.

I was not very awake.

I stopped at Walgreens to get a few things before heading into work.

I lined up to check out.

That’s when I witnessed a very cool and kind person.

James Neal was the cashier that morning at the corner of kindness and saving people money.

The last thing on my mind was to check the Walgreens flyer to see if there was a $5 off coupon.
The first thing on Jame’s mind was how he was going to be kind to every person coming through his line.

As each customer ahead of me had their items scanned and totaled, James used a flyer he was purposefully keeping by his register to scan and give them a $5 off coupon.

James was smiling and finding joy in being kind to others.

Seeing him be kind made me feel really great.

That’s the beauty of kindness.

It didn’t cost James anything, and yet it paid dividends of joy. It made him happy to be involved in doing good for others, it made the customers happy because they were being treated well by another person, it made onlookers begin their day with some pep in their step, and as you read this even now, it may stir up a feeling of happiness or joy.

James is a leader, looking out for others in thoughtful ways.

That’s the nature of leaders. Their eyes are focused on how they can provide a great environment to those around them. They look to the resources they have and share them. They share their knowledge, they share credit and they celebrate the growth of their people. They don’t keep you at a distance until they’ve had their second cup of coffee.

James took responsibility for his customers’ experience.

He didn’t just save them $5.
He showed them he cared.

Are you sharing any coupons today?

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